St Mary – Hear the Hustings

November 26, 2008

imagesLast month parishioners in St Mary decided their deputy – Juliette Gallichan – should become their Constable.

That means next week’s elections will definitely give them a new representative in the States.

There are three contenders –  and they all have names beginging with D.

There’s 62 year old Retired solicitor David Thomas, David Richardson who’s 52 and an accountant.

And trying again for a seat in government is former Senatorial candidiate 59 year old Daniel Wimberley.

Last night St. mary held its hustings.



You can also pick up a CD from the Parish Hall

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Who’ll win? You decide…

November 26, 2008

Polling stations are open from 8am - 8pm

It’s Election day in Jersey!

By tonight voters will have chosen 25 deputies.

Islanders have got until eight this evening to decide who they want to represent them in Jersey’s government – and get that £40k a year salary.

There are 63 hopefuls standing across 13 districts.

Those who are successful today will make up almost half of the island’s government.

You can find out who’s standing in your district by clicking HERE.

Don’t forget to LISTEN LIVE from 7pm when Spencer Davies and Giulia Mausolle will be presenting the election show special. They’ll be joined by reporters in every district to bring you the results as they come in.

Head to head in St. Martin

November 26, 2008


We’ve been finding out more about the two candidates going head to head in the parish of St. Martin.

Bob Hill’s been deputy of St. Martin for fifteen years.

He says repairs to the Maufant Village roads should be a priority.

He says he’ll make sure the parking place in front of the public hall and school is repaired and he said he wants to see the new-build for first time buyers be developed soon.

Newcomer Martin Green used to be a teacher and has run his own business.

He wants to see a public area up by the church and pub in St. Martin with a ball court.

He says it would tie-in with the review of the island plan to provide spaces for communities.

The hustings for St. Martin is taking place at the Public Hall tomorrow night from seven-thirty.

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The Contest in St Clement

November 26, 2008

st20clement20parish20crestIn St Clement there are two seats available and five people going for them.

After failing to become parish constable Gerard Baudains is trying to keep his place in the States.

He’s been a deputy for St Clement for ten years.

Accountant Ian Gorst is seeking re-election too.  He’s held the position for three years.

Anne Dupre is one of three potential newcomers.  She’s 61 and a part-time doctor’s receptionist.

The others are Philip Maguire – a 49 year old business consultant and 43 year old care worker Jeremy Strickland.

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Who’s who in St Saviour 2?

November 26, 2008

st20saviour20parish20crest Voters in St Saviour number two district have a chance to question the candidates trying to become their deputies on Thursday night.

Five candidates are going for two available seats.

Sitting deputy Kevin Lewis is hoping to keep his place in the States.

He’s up against Cliff le Clercq – who stood for senator last month – and three newcomers.

They’re Glenn George – who’s worked as a college lecturer and catering manager.

Christine Papworth – who’s standing as a JDA candidate.

And Tracey Vallois who at 25 is one of the youngest deputy hopefuls.

The hustings is at the parish hall at 7.30.

You can find out who’s standing in your parish HERE

The Battle for St. Lawrence

November 26, 2008

emblemslIn St Lawrence four people are going for two available seats.

There’s sure to be at least one new face to politics in St Lawrence. 

That’s because Deirdre Mezbourian’s been elected Constable.

John Le Fondre’s hoping to keep his job as deputy. 

 Nick Palmer might be a familar face –  he stood in last month’s senatorial elections.

Parish Centenier Hugh Gill is trying again for deputy – he stood in the  2005 elections.

And 45 year old Chartered Accountant Eddie Noel completes the list of st lawrence candidates

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St. Helier no. 1

November 25, 2008


Voters in St Helier number one district have a chance to question the candidates trying to bceome their deputies later.

There are three seats available –  and seven people going for them.

Sitting deputies are Paul le Claire and Judy Martin are hoping to keep their places in the States.

But at least one of the three seats wil go to a newcomer.

Two who didn’t make Senator are trying again to get elected here – Trevor Pitman and Nick le Cornu.

Brian Beadle, Chris Whitworth and Katy Ringsdore complete the line-up.

They’ll all be answering questions at tonight’s hustings at the town hall from seven thirty.

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