Know enough about CET?

September 17, 2008
Time to Change?

Time to Change?

It’s less than four weeks until Jersey’s referendum on Central European Time.

But there are concerns that islanders haven’t been given enough information to make an informed decision.

Local advocate Christopher Lakeman is heading the campaign to vote NO to time change.

He says it’s a shame there isn’t a ‘Pro’ group as well.

Leaflets explaining both sides of the argument are available at the parish halls, the library and Cyril Le Marquand House.

Senator Jimmy Perchard – whose idea it was to have the referendum – doesn’t think people will have a problem deciding.

He says it’s not a complex decision and he trusts islanders to make their minds up without too much spin.

What do you think?  Do you know enough to make a decision on changing the clocks?

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