The Results!

November 27, 2008
St Helier No1 3 seats
Brian Beadle 229
Paul Le Claire 634
Nick Le Cornu 406
Judy Martin 601
Trevor Pitman 487
Katy Ringsdore 387
Chris Whitworth  144
St Helier No2 3 seats
Giffard Aubin  100
Rod Bryans 412
Deborah de Sousa 444
Shona Pitman 598
Geoff Southern 665
Sue Stoker  301
Adrian Walsh 228
St Helier 3/4 4 seats
Steve Beddoe  627
David Beuzeval 587
Gil Blackwood 340
Guy de Faye 359
Ben Fox 698
Andrew Green  1057
Suzette Hase 697
Mike Higgins 1193
Jackie Hilton  1259
Jacqui Huet 645
Colin Russell 308
St Brelade No1 1 seat
Alan Beadle          86
Angela Jeune         370
Mark Sutton         192
St Brelade No2 2 seats
Martha Bernstein 326
Richard de la Haye 179
Jeff Hathaway 420
John Le Galle 29
Mervyn Le Masurier 462
Sean Power 1,068
Montfort Tadier  758
Graham Truscott 411
St Peter 1 seat
Collin Egre         731
Julie Rabet          664
St John 1 seat
Phil Rondel 678
Patrick  Ryan  396
St Mary 1 seat
David Johnson  206
David Richardson 28
Daniel Wimberley 261
St Saviour No1 2 seats
Rob Duhamel 569
Jeremy Macon 448
Tony Nightingale 424
Celia Scott Warren 388
St Saviour No2 2 seats
Glenn George  260
Cliff Le Clercq 129
Kevin Lewis 509
Christine Papworth 198
Tracey Vallois  277
St Martin 1 seat
Martin Green 275
Bob Hill 832
St Clement 2 seats
Gerard Baudains  731
Anne Dupre 868
Ian Gorst 1,112
Philip Maguire 46
Jeremy Strickland  303
St Lawrence 2 seats
Hugh Gill 462
John Le Fondre 918
Edward Noel 518
Nick Palmer 274

The Contest in St Clement

November 26, 2008

st20clement20parish20crestIn St Clement there are two seats available and five people going for them.

After failing to become parish constable Gerard Baudains is trying to keep his place in the States.

He’s been a deputy for St Clement for ten years.

Accountant Ian Gorst is seeking re-election too.  He’s held the position for three years.

Anne Dupre is one of three potential newcomers.  She’s 61 and a part-time doctor’s receptionist.

The others are Philip Maguire – a 49 year old business consultant and 43 year old care worker Jeremy Strickland.

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Who’s who in St Saviour 2?

November 26, 2008

st20saviour20parish20crest Voters in St Saviour number two district have a chance to question the candidates trying to become their deputies on Thursday night.

Five candidates are going for two available seats.

Sitting deputy Kevin Lewis is hoping to keep his place in the States.

He’s up against Cliff le Clercq – who stood for senator last month – and three newcomers.

They’re Glenn George – who’s worked as a college lecturer and catering manager.

Christine Papworth – who’s standing as a JDA candidate.

And Tracey Vallois who at 25 is one of the youngest deputy hopefuls.

The hustings is at the parish hall at 7.30.

You can find out who’s standing in your parish HERE

St Helier No.3/4

November 24, 2008

images3There are four seats available in St. Helier number three and four – with eleven candidates vying for them.

The four sitting deputies want to hold on to their jobs.

They’re Guy de Faye, Ben Fox, Jackie Hilton and Jacqui Huet.

But they’re being challenged by seven candidates who want a place in Jersey’s States.

Mike Higgins is trying again to be a politician. He came eighth out of 21 in the senatorial elections.

He’s joined by Steve Beddoe, David Beuzeval, Gil Blackwood, Andrew Green, Suzette Hase and Colin Russell. 

There are two polling stations – First Tower School and Rouge Bouillon School. Which one you need to go to depends on where in the district you live.  The votes will be counted at Rouge Bouillon School.

St Brelade No.2

November 24, 2008

st20brelade20parish20crest In 48 hours time islanders will be going to the polls in the 2008 Deputies Elections.

And in St Brelade No.2 district there are eight hopefuls for voters to choose from.

There are two seats available – and plenty of new faces going for them.

They are former hotelier Martha Beinstein and cab firm owner Richard de la Haye.

Vingtenier Jeff Hathaway and marine technician John Le Galle.

Businessmen Mervyn le Masurier and Graham Truscott.

And completing the line-up, sitting deputy Sean Power and Montfort Tadier who stood for senator in last month’s elections.

The polling station’s at Communicare at Les Quennevais.

JDA targets town voters

November 24, 2008

images2After Wednesday – St. Helier No.2 district COULD become represented entirely by members of the island’s first political party.

The JDA’s Geoff Southern and Shona Pitman are hoping to hold on to their seats.

And fellow party Debbie de Sousa wants to take the third.

But there are four other candidiates –  Rod Bryans, Sue Stoker, Giffard Aubin and Adrian Walsh – are challenging them.

St Saviour No 1

November 24, 2008

st20saviour20parish20crest1In St. Saviour number one two sitting deputies are hoping to be re-elected – but they face a double challenge.

Rob Duhamel’s been deputy of St. Saviour for fifteen years and is Chairman of the Environment Scrutiny Panel.

Meanwhile Celia Scott Warren’s represented the parish for nine years and has worked for the Safer Routes to School group.

They’re being challenged by 21 year old Jeremy Macon.

The youngest candidate is trying again to become a politicians after coming 15th out of 21 in last month’s senatorials.

And Tony Nightingale who’s stood in previous elections.

He’s hoping to follow in his father Len’s footsteps –  who was Deputy of the district for six years.

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