Plan for Wednesday!

October 13, 2008

There’s only one day left until islanders go to the polls to elect six senators, four constables and have their say about moving to Central European Time. So here’s the plan for the day:

If you’re one of the 55, 142 people on the electoral roll you’ll be able to cast you votes between 8am and 8pm.

Voters in St. Mary, St. lawrence, St. Clement and St Peter  – where they’re choosing a new constable – will get three different coloured ballot papers.  One for each poll.

Everywhere else voters will get two papers.

Every parish will count all the votes for each of the polls and then make one announcement declaring the results.

Channel 103 will be at every parish to bring you the results of the election and referendum live on the night.  Join Spencer Davies and the team on Wednesday night from 7pm.

Don’t forget you can listen to what all the candidates have to say by clicking HERE.

Channel 103’s Sunday Roast this week was all about the referedum on mving to Central European Time. Have a read of some of the texts we got and feel free to leave your own comments below.


Take Control

October 3, 2008

So you want to know more about the 21 people who are trying to get elected as Senator?

Here’s your chance.

Channel 103 asked each of them into the ‘news booth’ to get to know them a bit better on your behalf.

Which 3 words did they use to describe themselves? And what do they think is their greatest achievement?

Find out every day next week on the Jukebox between 2-3pm and again between 6-7pm.

Plus you’ll be able to listen at your leisure on this very blog.

Check back on Monday for more details… or tune in to 103.7FM