St Helier No.3/4

November 24, 2008

images3There are four seats available in St. Helier number three and four – with eleven candidates vying for them.

The four sitting deputies want to hold on to their jobs.

They’re Guy de Faye, Ben Fox, Jackie Hilton and Jacqui Huet.

But they’re being challenged by seven candidates who want a place in Jersey’s States.

Mike Higgins is trying again to be a politician. He came eighth out of 21 in the senatorial elections.

He’s joined by Steve Beddoe, David Beuzeval, Gil Blackwood, Andrew Green, Suzette Hase and Colin Russell. 

There are two polling stations – First Tower School and Rouge Bouillon School. Which one you need to go to depends on where in the district you live.  The votes will be counted at Rouge Bouillon School.


JDA targets town voters

November 24, 2008

images2After Wednesday – St. Helier No.2 district COULD become represented entirely by members of the island’s first political party.

The JDA’s Geoff Southern and Shona Pitman are hoping to hold on to their seats.

And fellow party Debbie de Sousa wants to take the third.

But there are four other candidiates –  Rod Bryans, Sue Stoker, Giffard Aubin and Adrian Walsh – are challenging them.