Who’s who in St Saviour 2?

November 26, 2008

st20saviour20parish20crest Voters in St Saviour number two district have a chance to question the candidates trying to become their deputies on Thursday night.

Five candidates are going for two available seats.

Sitting deputy Kevin Lewis is hoping to keep his place in the States.

He’s up against Cliff le Clercq – who stood for senator last month – and three newcomers.

They’re Glenn George – who’s worked as a college lecturer and catering manager.

Christine Papworth – who’s standing as a JDA candidate.

And Tracey Vallois who at 25 is one of the youngest deputy hopefuls.

The hustings is at the parish hall at 7.30.

You can find out who’s standing in your parish HERE


St Saviour No 1

November 24, 2008

st20saviour20parish20crest1In St. Saviour number one two sitting deputies are hoping to be re-elected – but they face a double challenge.

Rob Duhamel’s been deputy of St. Saviour for fifteen years and is Chairman of the Environment Scrutiny Panel.

Meanwhile Celia Scott Warren’s represented the parish for nine years and has worked for the Safer Routes to School group.

They’re being challenged by 21 year old Jeremy Macon.

The youngest candidate is trying again to become a politicians after coming 15th out of 21 in last month’s senatorials.

And Tony Nightingale who’s stood in previous elections.

He’s hoping to follow in his father Len’s footsteps –  who was Deputy of the district for six years.

You can find out who’s standing in your district by CLICKING HERE