The Results!

November 27, 2008
St Helier No1 3 seats
Brian Beadle 229
Paul Le Claire 634
Nick Le Cornu 406
Judy Martin 601
Trevor Pitman 487
Katy Ringsdore 387
Chris Whitworth  144
St Helier No2 3 seats
Giffard Aubin  100
Rod Bryans 412
Deborah de Sousa 444
Shona Pitman 598
Geoff Southern 665
Sue Stoker  301
Adrian Walsh 228
St Helier 3/4 4 seats
Steve Beddoe  627
David Beuzeval 587
Gil Blackwood 340
Guy de Faye 359
Ben Fox 698
Andrew Green  1057
Suzette Hase 697
Mike Higgins 1193
Jackie Hilton  1259
Jacqui Huet 645
Colin Russell 308
St Brelade No1 1 seat
Alan Beadle          86
Angela Jeune         370
Mark Sutton         192
St Brelade No2 2 seats
Martha Bernstein 326
Richard de la Haye 179
Jeff Hathaway 420
John Le Galle 29
Mervyn Le Masurier 462
Sean Power 1,068
Montfort Tadier  758
Graham Truscott 411
St Peter 1 seat
Collin Egre         731
Julie Rabet          664
St John 1 seat
Phil Rondel 678
Patrick  Ryan  396
St Mary 1 seat
David Johnson  206
David Richardson 28
Daniel Wimberley 261
St Saviour No1 2 seats
Rob Duhamel 569
Jeremy Macon 448
Tony Nightingale 424
Celia Scott Warren 388
St Saviour No2 2 seats
Glenn George  260
Cliff Le Clercq 129
Kevin Lewis 509
Christine Papworth 198
Tracey Vallois  277
St Martin 1 seat
Martin Green 275
Bob Hill 832
St Clement 2 seats
Gerard Baudains  731
Anne Dupre 868
Ian Gorst 1,112
Philip Maguire 46
Jeremy Strickland  303
St Lawrence 2 seats
Hugh Gill 462
John Le Fondre 918
Edward Noel 518
Nick Palmer 274

St Mary – Hear the Hustings

November 26, 2008

imagesLast month parishioners in St Mary decided their deputy – Juliette Gallichan – should become their Constable.

That means next week’s elections will definitely give them a new representative in the States.

There are three contenders –  and they all have names beginging with D.

There’s 62 year old Retired solicitor David Thomas, David Richardson who’s 52 and an accountant.

And trying again for a seat in government is former Senatorial candidiate 59 year old Daniel Wimberley.

Last night St. mary held its hustings.



You can also pick up a CD from the Parish Hall

To see who is standing in your district… CLICK HERE

Who’ll win? You decide…

November 26, 2008

Polling stations are open from 8am - 8pm

It’s Election day in Jersey!

By tonight voters will have chosen 25 deputies.

Islanders have got until eight this evening to decide who they want to represent them in Jersey’s government – and get that £40k a year salary.

There are 63 hopefuls standing across 13 districts.

Those who are successful today will make up almost half of the island’s government.

You can find out who’s standing in your district by clicking HERE.

Don’t forget to LISTEN LIVE from 7pm when Spencer Davies and Giulia Mausolle will be presenting the election show special. They’ll be joined by reporters in every district to bring you the results as they come in.

Head to head in St. Martin

November 26, 2008


We’ve been finding out more about the two candidates going head to head in the parish of St. Martin.

Bob Hill’s been deputy of St. Martin for fifteen years.

He says repairs to the Maufant Village roads should be a priority.

He says he’ll make sure the parking place in front of the public hall and school is repaired and he said he wants to see the new-build for first time buyers be developed soon.

Newcomer Martin Green used to be a teacher and has run his own business.

He wants to see a public area up by the church and pub in St. Martin with a ball court.

He says it would tie-in with the review of the island plan to provide spaces for communities.

The hustings for St. Martin is taking place at the Public Hall tomorrow night from seven-thirty.

Find out who’s standing in your district by clicking HERE

The Contest in St Clement

November 26, 2008

st20clement20parish20crestIn St Clement there are two seats available and five people going for them.

After failing to become parish constable Gerard Baudains is trying to keep his place in the States.

He’s been a deputy for St Clement for ten years.

Accountant Ian Gorst is seeking re-election too.  He’s held the position for three years.

Anne Dupre is one of three potential newcomers.  She’s 61 and a part-time doctor’s receptionist.

The others are Philip Maguire – a 49 year old business consultant and 43 year old care worker Jeremy Strickland.

Find out who is standing in your district …. CLICK HERE

Who’s who in St Saviour 2?

November 26, 2008

st20saviour20parish20crest Voters in St Saviour number two district have a chance to question the candidates trying to become their deputies on Thursday night.

Five candidates are going for two available seats.

Sitting deputy Kevin Lewis is hoping to keep his place in the States.

He’s up against Cliff le Clercq – who stood for senator last month – and three newcomers.

They’re Glenn George – who’s worked as a college lecturer and catering manager.

Christine Papworth – who’s standing as a JDA candidate.

And Tracey Vallois who at 25 is one of the youngest deputy hopefuls.

The hustings is at the parish hall at 7.30.

You can find out who’s standing in your parish HERE

The Battle for St. Lawrence

November 26, 2008

emblemslIn St Lawrence four people are going for two available seats.

There’s sure to be at least one new face to politics in St Lawrence. 

That’s because Deirdre Mezbourian’s been elected Constable.

John Le Fondre’s hoping to keep his job as deputy. 

 Nick Palmer might be a familar face –  he stood in last month’s senatorial elections.

Parish Centenier Hugh Gill is trying again for deputy – he stood in the  2005 elections.

And 45 year old Chartered Accountant Eddie Noel completes the list of st lawrence candidates

Find out who’s standing in your district – CLICK HERE.

St. Helier no. 1

November 25, 2008


Voters in St Helier number one district have a chance to question the candidates trying to bceome their deputies later.

There are three seats available –  and seven people going for them.

Sitting deputies are Paul le Claire and Judy Martin are hoping to keep their places in the States.

But at least one of the three seats wil go to a newcomer.

Two who didn’t make Senator are trying again to get elected here – Trevor Pitman and Nick le Cornu.

Brian Beadle, Chris Whitworth and Katy Ringsdore complete the line-up.

They’ll all be answering questions at tonight’s hustings at the town hall from seven thirty.

To find out who’s standing in your district click HERE

Eight hopefuls in St. Brelade

November 25, 2008

emblemsbIn St Brelade number 2 district there are eight hopefuls for voters to choose from.

There are two seats available in St. Brelade number 2 and plenty of new faces going for them.

They are former hotelier Martha Beinstein and cab firm owner Richard de la Haye.

Vigntenier Jeff Hathaway and marine technician John Le Galle.

Businessmen Mervyn le Masurier and Graham Truscott.

Completing the line-up is sitting deputy Sean Power and Montfort Tadier who stood for senator in last month’s elections.

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night at 7 to hear all the results live with Channel 103’s Giulia Mausolle and Spencer Davies.


Head to Head in St. Peter

November 25, 2008

emblemspIn St. Peter sitting deputy Colin Egre’s going head-to-head with newcomer Julie Rabet.

Colin Egre’s been deputy of St. Peter for six years.

The ex-centenier was chief executive of Headway charity and served on the former Home Affairs and Harbours & Airport Committees.

Deputy Egre thinks it’s important to elect someone with experience in the States to deal with the challenges in 2009.

But Julie Rabet – is promising to bring a fresh face and opinions if she becomes a politician.

The Churchwarden’s lived in St. peter all her life and worked in retail management and marketing.

She wants to see exemptions to GST and tighter controls on government spending.

Join Channel 103 for a live elections results show tomorrow night from 7pm.

To find out who’s standing in your district click HERE.

St Helier No.3/4

November 24, 2008

images3There are four seats available in St. Helier number three and four – with eleven candidates vying for them.

The four sitting deputies want to hold on to their jobs.

They’re Guy de Faye, Ben Fox, Jackie Hilton and Jacqui Huet.

But they’re being challenged by seven candidates who want a place in Jersey’s States.

Mike Higgins is trying again to be a politician. He came eighth out of 21 in the senatorial elections.

He’s joined by Steve Beddoe, David Beuzeval, Gil Blackwood, Andrew Green, Suzette Hase and Colin Russell. 

There are two polling stations – First Tower School and Rouge Bouillon School. Which one you need to go to depends on where in the district you live.  The votes will be counted at Rouge Bouillon School.

St Brelade No.2

November 24, 2008

st20brelade20parish20crest In 48 hours time islanders will be going to the polls in the 2008 Deputies Elections.

And in St Brelade No.2 district there are eight hopefuls for voters to choose from.

There are two seats available – and plenty of new faces going for them.

They are former hotelier Martha Beinstein and cab firm owner Richard de la Haye.

Vingtenier Jeff Hathaway and marine technician John Le Galle.

Businessmen Mervyn le Masurier and Graham Truscott.

And completing the line-up, sitting deputy Sean Power and Montfort Tadier who stood for senator in last month’s elections.

The polling station’s at Communicare at Les Quennevais.

JDA targets town voters

November 24, 2008

images2After Wednesday – St. Helier No.2 district COULD become represented entirely by members of the island’s first political party.

The JDA’s Geoff Southern and Shona Pitman are hoping to hold on to their seats.

And fellow party Debbie de Sousa wants to take the third.

But there are four other candidiates –  Rod Bryans, Sue Stoker, Giffard Aubin and Adrian Walsh – are challenging them.

The Battle for St. John

November 24, 2008

st-john1There’s an interesting contest for job of Deputy for St John.

The man in the role at the moment is Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis.  But he’s stepping down.

Phil Rondel is looking to make his political comeback. 

He was the parish’s deputy for 11 years before retiring in 2005 because of ill-health in the family.

He says he’s got a record of putting parishioners first and campaigning on their behalf.

Patrick Ryan has been a deputy for six years, representing St Helier number 1 district.

He’s decided to stand for election in St John this time.

He wants to keep the community going by not allowing over-development and re-investing in the recreation centre.

To find out who’s standing in your parish click HERE.

St Saviour No 1

November 24, 2008

st20saviour20parish20crest1In St. Saviour number one two sitting deputies are hoping to be re-elected – but they face a double challenge.

Rob Duhamel’s been deputy of St. Saviour for fifteen years and is Chairman of the Environment Scrutiny Panel.

Meanwhile Celia Scott Warren’s represented the parish for nine years and has worked for the Safer Routes to School group.

They’re being challenged by 21 year old Jeremy Macon.

The youngest candidate is trying again to become a politicians after coming 15th out of 21 in last month’s senatorials.

And Tony Nightingale who’s stood in previous elections.

He’s hoping to follow in his father Len’s footsteps –  who was Deputy of the district for six years.

You can find out who’s standing in your district by CLICKING HERE

The Race Begins for Deputies…

November 5, 2008


Another election race is underway in Jersey!

63 islanders have put themselves forward to a deputy.

There are 25 seats available.

There won’t be elections in Trinity, St Ouen, Grouville or St Saviour number three district though.

The four sitting deputies have been returned to office unopposed.

It means Anne Pryke, James Reed, Carolyn Labey and Roy le Herrissier’s jobs are safe.

Elections are being held on November 26th.

To find out who the candidates are click HERE

The Results – what do you think?

October 16, 2008

Ian le Marquand has topped the poll in the Senatorial elections in all 12 parishes.

Here’s how they finished:


 Jersey has four new Constables:

Edgar Wallis 254
Gerard Baudains 740
Len Norman 1593
Deidre Mebourian 1300
Tim Tindall 382
Juliette Gallichan 404
Terry Renouf 252
Collin Egre 725
John Refault 975

And islanders have said an overwhelming ‘NO’ to moving to Central European Time.

Tell us what you think of the results by leaving a comment below.

The Counting Begins!!!

October 15, 2008

The polls have now closed and counting is underway!

The first declaration isn’t expected until around ten o’clock tonight but we’re not likely to know the final results until the early hours if this morning.

Channel 103 has reporters in every parish and we are bringing you the results live.

Our ‘Roving Reporter’ is also be out and about in town and we’ll be getting a reaction from the candidates as the results come in.

Stay tuned to Channel 103 where Spencer Davies and Giulia Mausolle are joined by special guests local advocate Sue Pearmain and former News Editor at Channel 103 Phil Bouchard.


It’s going to be an exciting night!

Plan for Wednesday!

October 13, 2008

There’s only one day left until islanders go to the polls to elect six senators, four constables and have their say about moving to Central European Time. So here’s the plan for the day:

If you’re one of the 55, 142 people on the electoral roll you’ll be able to cast you votes between 8am and 8pm.

Voters in St. Mary, St. lawrence, St. Clement and St Peter  – where they’re choosing a new constable – will get three different coloured ballot papers.  One for each poll.

Everywhere else voters will get two papers.

Every parish will count all the votes for each of the polls and then make one announcement declaring the results.

Channel 103 will be at every parish to bring you the results of the election and referendum live on the night.  Join Spencer Davies and the team on Wednesday night from 7pm.

Don’t forget you can listen to what all the candidates have to say by clicking HERE.

Channel 103’s Sunday Roast this week was all about the referedum on mving to Central European Time. Have a read of some of the texts we got and feel free to leave your own comments below.

Candidates’ Websites

October 13, 2008

Most of the candidates now have their own websites or blogs so you can read more about their manifestos.

Here are links to the ones we’re aware of:

Cliff Le Clerq

Nick Le Cornu

Sarah Ferguson

Mark Forskitt

Alan Maclean

Jeremy Macon

Ian Le Marquand

Philip Ozouf

Nick Palmer

Chris Perkins

Trevor Pitman

Paul Routier

Geoff Southern

Peter Troy

Montford Tadier

Mike Vibert

Daniel Wimberley

Please let us know if you’re aware of any we haven’t mentioned.

I’m Honest. Honestly, I am.

October 10, 2008

If we asked you to describe yourself in 3 words .. what would you say?

It’s one of the questions we put to the 21 senatorial hopefuls.

We got lots of combinations of words.  But the one that came up most often was ‘Honest’.

The next favourites were ‘Hardworking’ and ‘Determined’.

‘Caring’ and ‘Open’ got three outings each.

We asked candidates to choose ‘Waterfront’ or ‘Weighbridge’ – more than half went for Weighbridge.

15 chose ‘Country’ over ‘Town’.

And when asked ‘Who should be Jersey’s next Chief Minister?’ Only 5 of the 21 candidates answered with a name.  Le Sueur(1) Le Herrissier(1) Shenton(1) Crowcroft(2)

Find out who said what by CLICKING HERE

Take Control…again…

October 7, 2008


So all this week Channel 103’s been helping you get to know a bit more about the 21 people trying to get elected as Senators.

Their profiles are being broadcast every weekday between 2-3pm, repeated between 6-7pm.

But you can now listen to them as many times as you like.



Can Vote, Won’t Vote

October 6, 2008

Potentially 55,142 people COULD vote in next week’s elections.

But how many actually will?

This week’s Sunday Roast programme on Channel 103 was asking ‘will you vote?’

And by far the biggest response we got was from people saying they could vote, but they won’t.

See some of the messages to the studio by clicking on ‘Comments’ below… and join in the debate.

Take Control

October 3, 2008

So you want to know more about the 21 people who are trying to get elected as Senator?

Here’s your chance.

Channel 103 asked each of them into the ‘news booth’ to get to know them a bit better on your behalf.

Which 3 words did they use to describe themselves? And what do they think is their greatest achievement?

Find out every day next week on the Jukebox between 2-3pm and again between 6-7pm.

Plus you’ll be able to listen at your leisure on this very blog.

Check back on Monday for more details… or tune in to 103.7FM

Women and Money

October 2, 2008

The global financial crisis dominated discussions at the hustings in St Peter.

The candidiates were asked their views on Jersey bringing in its own scheme to protect people’s savings if a bank were to go bust.

But perhaps the quirkiest question of the night was whether the hopefuls think women can govern better than men.

In their answers most of the men made reference to their wives doing a great job of running the household, or keeping them in line.

Channel103 wonders if we’ll soon be seeing them bringing their better-halves along to introduce them (a la Brown) or locking lips after their speeches (we’ve got David Cameron to thank for that image).

Barely Outnumbered

October 1, 2008

Teenagers barely outnumbered the 21 candidates at the special hustings for young people.

The turnout for the 16+ event at Hautlieu School was disappointing.

But those who did show up quizzed the Senatorial hopefuls about Uni fees, taxes, house prices and how much States Members get paid.

The ones Channel 103 spoke to afterwards said it had been very useful in helping them decide who they’ll vote for.

But why wasn’t the school hall full?  Is it apathy?  Is it a sign that not many young people will use their vote?

Should it have been held in school-time? Or should the candidates be thinking of other ways to connect with young voters?

You tell us….

The toughest grilling of them all?

September 25, 2008

Young people WILL get their own chance to question the Senatorial hopefuls.

In an earlier post we told you schools had been banned from holding hustings.

But one of the candidates lobbied for a special event for first-time 16 and 17 year old voters.

Now the candidates have organised a hustings at Hautlieu School on Tuesday 30th September at 4.15pm.

It’s open to anyone but is specifically to hear the concerns of the island’s young people.

If that’s you… tell us what matters to you.  What would you be grilling the candidiates about?…

Deal or No Deal?

September 25, 2008

If they had been sitting with numbered red boxes in front of them you might have thought they were there to play Deal or No Deal! 

I’ll leave you to ponder the similarities between the cash prizes and a Senatorial seat in the States.

Channel 103 was in St Mary last night for the second of the elections hustings.  And what did we learn?

The 21 candidates were asked what job they’d want in government if they get elected.  Here’s how they answered:

Alan Maclean – Econonic Development Minister

Philip Ozouf – Treasury Minister

Cliff le Clercq – Scrutiny or Health Minister

Paul Routier – Health Minister

Mike Higgins – Economic Development Minister

Trevor Pitman – Privileges and Procedures Committee (Electoral Reform) or Education

Mark Forskitt – Scrutiny

Geoff Southern – Social Security Minister

Ian Le Marquand –  Home Affairs Minister

Mike Vibert – continue as Education Minister

Peter Troy – Social Security or Transport Minister

Nick Le Cornu – No Ministerial ambition

Chris Perkins -Planning and Environment Minister

Jeremy Macon  – Education Minister

Adrian Walsh – Planning Minister

Alan Breckon – ‘I’ll take what comes and it might be nothing if I’m re-elected’

Montfort Tadier – Privileges and Procedures (Electoral reform)

Nick Palmer – Scrutiny

Sarah Ferguson – continue with the Public Accounts Committee

Daniel Wimberley – Environment and Transport – ‘they go together’

Mick Pashley – ‘one step at a time but i’d like to work in tourism and youth’

Find out when the hustings are coming to a hall near you by visiting the ‘Hustings’ page on this blog!

And let us know what you think by posting a comment….

What can you learn in 1.03?!

September 23, 2008

Islanders will have their first chance to question the 21 people vying for a seat in Jersey’s government at St. Clement’s Parish Hall later.

It’s feared candidates for Senator won’t get a fair go at the public hustings because there are too many of them.
This year a record 21 hopefuls are standing for six available positions in the States.
Each candidate will get three minutes to talk about why you should vote for them.
21 x 3 = 1hr 3 mins…. or 103!
They’ll then get a minute each to answer your questions – but there’ll only be time for a total of three.

Channel 103’s been speaking to Constable Derek Gray who’s chairing tonight’s hustings.
He told us he doesn’t think hustings are the best way of finding out about the candidates because they’ll get such little air time.
What do you think?
Are you planning on going to the hustings?
If you do, come back and tell us what it was like.

Poster Wars!

September 22, 2008

Less than a week after the senatorial candidates were announced the contest is hotting up!

The hopefuls have been creeping out in the dead of night to display their campaign posters.

Several boards have sprung up at roundabouts amid fears they might distract drivers. Transport Minister Deputy Guy de Faye’s advice to the States: If you get distracted by posters at roundabouts you shouldn’t be driving!

Channel103 also  understands that one election candidate has a poster-making factory in his house and he’s even been helping out a fellow hopeful by printing them for him. Now there’s the spirit.

But there are already reports of one poster being defaced with racist and homophobic comments at Green Street roundabout. Police are looking for the culprits.

So do the campaign posters really affect the voting? How much are you influenced? Let us know what you think…

What about your Constable?

September 18, 2008

There’ll be elections for Constable in 4 parishes.

Voters will go to the polls in St Lawrence, St Clement, St Mary and St.Peter.

The candidates are:

St. Lawrence – Deidre Mezbourian and Timothy Tindall

St Clement – Len Norman, Gerard Baudains, Edgar Leon Wallis

St Mary –  Juliette Gallichan and Terry Renouf

St Peter – Colin Egre and John Refault

In the other 5 parishes where there could have been a vote the current Constables have been re-elected unopposed.

Know enough about CET?

September 17, 2008
Time to Change?

Time to Change?

It’s less than four weeks until Jersey’s referendum on Central European Time.

But there are concerns that islanders haven’t been given enough information to make an informed decision.

Local advocate Christopher Lakeman is heading the campaign to vote NO to time change.

He says it’s a shame there isn’t a ‘Pro’ group as well.

Leaflets explaining both sides of the argument are available at the parish halls, the library and Cyril Le Marquand House.

Senator Jimmy Perchard – whose idea it was to have the referendum – doesn’t think people will have a problem deciding.

He says it’s not a complex decision and he trusts islanders to make their minds up without too much spin.

What do you think?  Do you know enough to make a decision on changing the clocks?

Post a comment and let us know!

School Hustings Ban

September 17, 2008

This year is the first time 16 and 17 year olds can vote in Jersey’s elections.

But schools are banned from holding hustings.

The education department says students shouldn’t be forced to attend election meetings.

And it’s worried letting candidates campaign during school-time would disrupt lessons.

Is it the right decision?  Let us know what you think.

21 Candidates

September 17, 2008


Voters have a choice of 21 candidates for Senator.  There are six available seats.

That makes this election the most hotly contested in recent times.

Three sitting senators will be trying to keep their jobs in the States – Philip Ozouf, Paul Routier and Mike Vibert.

Five deputies are aiming for an islandwide mandate.  They are Alan Breckon, Sarah Ferguson, Alan MacLean, Geoff Southern and Peter Troy.

Thirteen potential newcomers are seeking election. They are  Cliff Le Clerq, Nick Le Cornu, Mark Forskitt, Mike Higgins, Jeremy Macon, Ian le Maquand, Nick Palmer, Mick Pashley, Chris Perkins, Trevor Pitman, Montfort Tadier, Adrian Walsh and Daniel Wimberley.

Check back later when we’ll have more details about each of them.

The Race Begins

September 16, 2008

Tonight we’ll find out exactly who’s putting themselves up for Senator.

The Nominations Meeting is at Town Hall at 7.30pm.

The Channel 103 News Team will be there.  Check back tomorrow to find out who’s standing and what they stand for.

Welcome to Channel 103’s Election Blog

September 9, 2008
The Channel 103 News team will be blogging throughout the 2008 elections in Jersey.

We’ll have profiles of all the candidates and the latest news and information.

You’ll be able to keep up to date and share your views right here.

Senators and Constables are elected on October 15th and Deputies will be chosen on November 26th.

Plus we’ll be following Jersey’s first ever referendum on Central European Time on the same date as the senatorial election.